Wilmington Treatment Center

The Wilmington Treatment Center, located in Wilmington, North Carolina, has focused on treating adults in drug and alcohol addiction for over 25 years. Similar to other treatment centers, the Wilmington Treatment Center follows the 12-Step philosophy to addiction treatment and incorporates medical and mental health services in its individualized treatment for alcoholism and drug addiction.

The Wilmington Treatment Center Facilities

All patients at the Wilmington Treatment Center will begin their road to recovery at the Wilmington Treatment Center inpatient hospital, a 125-bed facility. After patients are stabilized, they may be moved to transitional housing facilities in the Wilmington Treatment Center and go through detox.

In addition to the inpatient facility located in Wilmington, NC, the Wilmington Treatment Center has two outpatient facilities located in Wilmington, NC and Myrtle Beach, SC.

Addiction Treatment Services at The Wilmington Treatment Center

Comprehensive care is offered for all patients that go through the Wilmington Treatment Center’s recovery process, with a focus on personal growth, the 12-Step philosophy and relapse prevention. Each care aspect is designed to maximize the strengths of every individual that goes through the Wilmington Treatment Center’s treatment program, including:

• Detox
• Inpatient services
• Outpatient services
• Day treatment
• Aftercare services

What to Expect at The Wilmington Treatment Center

Each day from morning to night is planned out at the Wilmington Treatment Center. As part of their treatment plan, individuals can expect to attend community meetings, counseling sessions, other group sessions, and optional Bible studies on a daily basis. Weekends often incorporate outings with a certified recreation therapist.

Recreational therapy at the Wilmington Treatment Center is licensed and certified, and is another important part of the treatment program. Its purpose is to introduce patients to alternative leisure and recreational activities and hobbies in a positive and fun, drug-free environment. Activities range from art, dance, music, sports, and more.

Another major part of the Wilmington Treatment Center program is its focus on the individual’s family as part of the healing process. It is believed that alcohol and drugs not only affect the individual, but also their family and friends. Therefore, the healing process incorporates the entire family. Typically, Wilmington Treatment Center counselors will arrange family visits during the weekend.


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