Ambrosia Treatment Center

ambrosia treatment center

The Ambrosia Treatment Center is one of the most respected rehab facilities in the United States. Located in Florida, the Ambrosia Treatment Center boasts beautiful facilities and resident homes that few other centers can rival.

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, the Ambrosia Treatment Center provides top-notch care for dozens of addiction issues and problems. Here, you will find out what services are offered by the Ambrosia Treatment Center and if the facilities may be right for you.

Services Offered by Ambrosia Treatment Center

Ambrosia is a Greek word that translates into “nectar of the gods.” As such, the Ambrosia Treatment Center takes a unique and holistic approach to addiction issues. At Ambrosia, they believe in treating the whole person, and that treating addictions is not a punishment; rather it is an opportunity for spiritual, physical and emotional healing.

If you or a loved one has a substance abuse problem, Ambrosia has programs specifically designed to treat addictions for the following:

• Alcohol
• Amphetamines
• Cocaine
• Heroin
• Prescription drugs

In addition, Ambrosia has programs intended for those suffering from chronic pain, mental health or other behavioral issues.

Methods Used by Ambrosia Treatment Center

At Ambrosia Treatment Center, they will tackle your issues in a variety of ways. Some of their methods of treatment include:

• Individual Counseling
• Group Counseling
• Family Counseling
• Substance Abuse Education
• Life Skill Training
• Non-Verbal Therapy

The Ambrosia Treatment Center will also provide advice for health and medical issues. They will also provide educational and employment support services in an effort to help patients become financially independent.

Ambrosia also offers day/night treatment that involves community housing. Patients will be monitored 24 hours a day and will live in a community house while undergoing treatment. No treatment of any kind will take place while the patient is in the community home.

For more information on the Ambrosia Treatment Center, a free 24-hour addiction hotline is available.

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