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The decision to seek help from one of many substance abuse or mental health treatment centers is a big one, to say the least. If you’re in that position, it means you’ve come to terms with the fact that you have a problem.

Perhaps you are seeking help for a loved one who has been impacted by drug or alcohol abuse and want to provide them with information about the best treatment centers available. Either way, we can help you confront this issue and make a positive change.

Choosing Treatment Centers to Confront Specific Problems

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When it becomes time to choose from the long list of treatment centers, you’ll want to know with confidence you made the right decision. The key is making sure the treatment center you choose is well equipped and experienced at addressing the specific issues surrounding your addiction or mental health condition.


There are specific treatment centers that tackle alcoholism hand help people return to a healthy, addiction-free life. If you or someone you know is seeking treatment for alcohol dependency, you’ll want to decide just how intensive that treatment needs to be. When drinking get to the point that someone puts themselves or others in danger, inpatient treatment is the best option.

Treatment Centers like Michael’s House offer in patient programs to help men and women deal with withdrawal symptoms and detoxing effects in a safe and supportive environment. Quality treatment centers for alcoholics will provide access to physicians, psychiatrists, counselors and nurses.

Drug Addiction

With heavy drug addiction, inpatient treatment is a must. There are treatment centers in every city to help people break free from the prison of addiction and move on to lead healthier, more productive lives. If you or someone you care about is heavily addicted to meth, heroin, cocaine or prescription medications it’s imperative to seek treatment as soon as possible. While treatment centers can be expensive, there may be opportunities through your medical insurance provider or through public health initiatives.

Mental Health

 treatment centers for depressionWhen it comes to mental health issues such as depression, it can be hard to tell when you or someone else needs to seek help through treatment centers. Clinical depression can impact every aspect of your life and have a big impact on the people around you. Any of the following symptoms could be a sign that you or someone you love should look into treatment centers for depression.

•    Decreased ability to make decisions
•    Difficulty concentrating
•    Growing fatigue
•    Hopeless and pessimistic feeling
•    Irritability

If any of the above mentioned feelings or symptoms persist over time, or become worse, it is time to seek out treatment centers that can help you or a loved one get back on track and live a happier life. Treatment is particularly important if thoughts turn to suicide.

Treatment Centers: How to Pay

Most treatment centers don’t offer their services for free. It costs money to hire professional counselors, physicians and psychiatrists. For outpatient addiction treatment, the tab is usually around $2,000, according to Everyday Health. An inpatient program is closer to $10,000, but is considered a highly effective form of treatment.

While this sounds expensive, research shows that the cost of staying addicted is about seven times higher. The journal Health Services estimates that every $1,500 spent on treatment saves about $11,000 that would be lost to crime, illness and unearned wages.

Whether you are seeking treatment centers for drug or alcohol addiction, there are options to help you pay for treatment. Check with your state’s public services department and see if there are any government-sponsored programs. Your medical insurance provider may also cover mental health and addiction treatment. There are also several non-profit agencies that may be able to help you pay for treatment.

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