Heroin Treatment Centers

Heroin treatment centers are designed to help people overcome their addiction to the powerful drug. Kicking the heroin habit is far from easy, but heroin treatment centers will use a variety of methods to help you become clean. Heroin is a powerful drug, but through proper treatment, you will have power over your life again.

Detox at Heroin Treatment Centers

Part of releasing yourself from the grip of heroin will be going through the detoxification process. Ending the body’s dependency on the drug is the first step in attempting to overcome the addiction. Patients in heroin treatment centers will go through the painful process under 24-hour medical supervision.

Depending upon the severity of your addiction, detox can last

heroin treatment centers up to seven days. Withdrawal symptoms include anxiety, vomiting, agitation, diarrhea and body aches and pain. Heroin treatment centers understand this process is physically demanding, but medical professionals will always be there to provide you with the care you need.

Medication at Heroin Treatment Centers

Patients will likely receive medication as part of their program at heroin treatment centers. A medication that will likely be described is Buprenorphine, which is commonly known as Suboxone, Subutex and Temgesic. This medication is used to treat addiction and pain.

Methadone has been used for over 50 years in the fight against heroin addiction. The drug, which is administered daily, is regulated so it can only be taken at certain clinics and heroin treatment centers.

Counseling at Heroin Treatment Centers

Heroin treatment centers will also use therapy and counseling as part of their rehab program. Counselors will attempt to help addicts recognize why they began using the drug and to help them learn from their mistakes. Group therapy sessions are also held so fellow addicts can talk about their struggle with addiction.

With the help of heroin treatment centers, you will be able to end your struggle with addiction once and for all.

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