Eating Disorder Treatment Centers

Eating disorder treatment centers are available for the millions of people worldwide who struggle with food intake issues. Eating disorders can take an incredible toll physically, so much so it can lead to death. The mental strain brought on by eating disorders can also be extremely taxing, but eating disorder treatment centers are here to help.

Eating Disorder Treatment Centers: Disorders

Eating disorder treatment centers will diagnose and provide care for abnormal eating habits. The three most common eating disorders are:• Anorexia nervosa – A condition characterized by limiting food intake because of an intense fear of gaining weight.
• Bulimia nervosa – A condition characterized by eating large quantities of food in a short amount of time only to purge themselves of the food.
• Binge Eating – A condition characterized by consuming a large amount of food in a short amount of time. No effort to purge the food is made after eating.

Eating Disorder Treatment Centers: Programs

eating disorder treatment center Eating disorder treatment centers will use a variety of methods to help someone with an eating disorder. Trained and licensed professionals may utilize more than one form of treatment depending on the severity of the disorder. Counselors will attempt to expose and treat the main cause of the eating disorder through various forms of therapy, including:

• Cognitive Behavioral
• Dialectical
• Recreational
• Alternative (Art/Music)

Nutritional counseling and therapy will also be provided to help patience learn to develop healthy eating habits. In addition, the support groups “Eating Disorders Anonymous” and “Overeaters Anonymous” are designed to help patients realized and understand they are not alone.

Eating Disorder Treatment Centers: Cost and Effectiveness

The simple fact is seeking treatment at any of the eating disorder treatment centers available is not cheap, but the long-term costs and expenses associated with eating disorders can be much greater. Few studies have been conducted on the effectiveness of eating disorder treatment centers, but full recovery rates are generally estimated to be in the 50-85 percent range.

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