Caron Treatment Centers

caron treatment centers

The Caron Treatment Centers are a non-profit organization specializing in addiction treatment services.

Focused on providing a “comprehensive continuum of treatment services,” the Caron Treatment Centers address medical, psychological/psychiatric, clinical, physical and spiritual aspects of a patient’s recovery.

Caron Treatment Centers abide by their mission: To provide an enlightened, caring treatment community in which all those affected by alcoholism or other drug addiction may begin a new life.

caron treatment centers

Caron Treatment Centers: Treatment Facilities

The Caron Treatment Centers have four treatment facilities, in addition to a partnership with the Hanley Center based in West Palm Beach, Florida. All Caron Treatment Centers provide alcohol and drug rehabilitation treatment. The treatment facility locations are:

1. Caron Pennsylvania: Located in Wernersville, PA, the Caron Pennsylvania treatment center offers medical detoxification, residential assessment programs, gender-separate primary rehabilitation, relapse treatment and extended care for adults, young adults and adolescents; as well as educational programs for family members.
2. Caron Renaissance: Located in Boca Raton, FL, the Caron Renaissance treatment center specializes in dual diagnosis and alternative rehab. Facilities are setup to allow recovering addicts to develop personal and professional responsibilities during their clinical recovery process.

3. Caron Texas: Located in Dallas, TX, the Caron Texas treatment center provides primary addiction treatment to adults that may also be suffering from a co-occurring disorder. This facility utilizes a multi-disciplinary treatment approach including on-site detoxification and a full continuum of care. This facility was opened in July 2010 and rests on a 42,000 square-foot campus.

4. Caron Renaissance Ocean Drive: Caron Renaissance Ocean Drive is an extension of the Caron Renaissance location in Boca Raton, FL. The Caron Renaissance Ocean Drive caters to highly successful individuals.

Caron Treatment Centers: Treatment Programs

All programs at the Caron Treatment Centers are gender-separate and gender-specific. Services extend to adolescents, young adults, and adults. Programs found at the Caron Treatment Centers include:

1. Assessment Programs: Intensive 5-10 day residential programs
2. Young Adult Male Programs: For young adult males between 20-25 years of age
3. Young Adult Female Programs: For young adult females between 20-25 years of age
4. Relapse Program: For adults
5. Men’s Services: For men 26 years old and above
6. Women’s Services: For women 26 years old and above
7. Adolescent Services: Teenagers 19 years old or younger
8. Healthcare Professionals
9. Outpatient Services

The Caron Treatment Centers also provide additional programs and services such as student assistance, recreational services, psychological services, and personal growth workshops. Families and professionals are both welcome to the Caron Treatment Centers.

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